GELITA Symposium

Join Us October 23th – 24th, 2019

Don’t miss the 2019 GELITA Food and H&N Symposium!

Our lifestyle is consequently changing and even those who have no stakes in sports at all become more active in their daily life. Be it in the job, for their family or simply because their cultural environment is on the move.

Nutrition needs to keep track and we are obliged to provide the right food this growing target group’s demands.
The right ingredients are of crucial importance here as they deliver specific property profiles to the products. Functionality is the key but it’s the delight factor what makes for the final success.

Listen to experts and discuss new ideas with thought leaders of the industry to achieve the products your consumers are craving for.

The GELITA Symposium will provide a platform of inspiration and allow participants to exchange ideas and experiences in a highly interactive environment.

Speakers from diverse areas of expertise will provide food for thought and hands-on sessions will provide ample opportunities for creative product design concepts.

We look forward to meeting you in Heidelberg.

This is an experience you and your colleagues won’t want to miss. Share this communication with them or provide their contact details to GELITA and we’ll include them in our upcoming communication.

GELITA – experts in gelatine and collagen Peptides.

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What Past Attendees Said About The GELITA Symposium…

…war ein sehr gut organisiertes Event, von welchem man mit guten Kontakten und Inspirationen nach Hause fährt.

…is a good place to open your mind to new applications and meet people in the same industry.

…shows me that the decision of the product made of many perspectives and the company works hard to bring to us.

…really helped deepen my understanding of the flowering and ingredients industry and how it is a valuable contributor to the future of food and beverage.

GELITA Symposium Details

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